Armenia considers buying Indo-Israeli Barak-8 air defense systems

Armenia is considering purchasing Indo-Israeli Barak-8 air defense systems in addition to the Akash 1S systems already acquired from India.

French investment fund to finance Greece-Israel electric cable project

The French investment fund Meridiam has agreed to finance the installation of a power cable linking the energy systems of Greece, Cyprus, and Israel.

In 2023 Israel set new record in defense exports with deals worth NIS 49 billion

The Israeli defense industry has been operating around the clock due to the current war with Hamas

Government forms commission to address Turkish boycott

The commission, comprising directors-general from three ministries, will work on formulating the final response

FDA approves clinical trials in the USA for innovative Israeli cancer treatment

Ofer Shalev announced that New Phase has obtained FDA approval to initiate clinical trials for its innovative cancer treatment technology.

Singapore Health Ministry urges mask-wearing amid COVID-19 surge

The Singapore Ministry of Health has advised residents to resume wearing medical masks due to a significant increase in COVID-19 cases.

Doctors' union reminds hospitals about ethical duty to treat all, including Hamas

The letter, addressed to hospital directors, comes in response to protests at various medical institutions when Hamas militants were admitted for treatment.

CBS: Arab homicide mortality rate 8.2 times higher than Jews

The Central Bureau of Statistics has released a report on the leading causes of death in Israel from 2020 to 2022.