Middle East

Pentagon admits that none of the aid delivered through US-built pier has been delivered to Palestinians

Trucks have been intercepted by crowds of desperate Palestinians after the aid leaves the loading area

Blinken: Israel-Saudi Arabia talks risk failure over Palestinian State

Antony Blinken stated that Israel and Saudi Arabia may struggle to reach an agreement to normalize relations.

Hamas welcomes recognition of State of Palestine by Ireland, Spain, and Norway

The terrorist welcomed the decision, calling it a significant step in recognizing their territorial rights.

Jewish Rabbis to attend Raisi's farewell ceremony in Tehran

Leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, as well as high-ranking representatives of Hezbollah, have also arrived in Tehran to participate in the ceremony.

Qatar FM: 'Negotiations are close to a stalemate, but contacts continue'

Qatar holds Israel responsible for the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza due to the closure of the Rafah checkpoint

Turkiye examines 'strange circumstances' of Raisi’s death

Turkish newspaper Turkiye highlighted peculiar circumstances surrounding the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash.

Iran announces funeral date for President Raisi

Despite Iran's declaration of a five-day mourning period, educational institutions remain open