IDF struck 60 terror targets throughout Gaza, intensified operations in Jabalya and Rafah

Israeli troops are expanding combat zones and intensifying operational control

Mahmoud Abbas criticizes Hamas at Arab League summit in Manama

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas criticized Hamas for providing Israel with "a pretext for aggression against Palestine".

IDF operation in Gaza: more than 150 terrorists killed in Jabalia alone

The 98th Division continues combat in northern Gaza, in the Jabalia area, while the 162nd Division is in Rafah in the south.

Defense Minister vows to expand Rafah operation, deploy more forces

Gallant reported that Israeli forces in Rafah are actively engaged in military operations, with hundreds of targets attacked and ongoing maneuvers nearing their objectives.

American humanitarian pier installed off Gaza coast

The US Central Command announced the completion of a pier installation for delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Sirens at Kerem Shalom checkpoint: shelling from Gaza

At 12:18 PM, a siren went off at the Kerem Shalom checkpoint.

Sirens in Nahal Oz: rocket attacks from Gaza

At 11:31 AM, the "Tseva Adom" siren went off in Nahal Oz, near the Gaza Strip border.