Israeli soldier killed in battle in southern Gaza sector

Sgt. First Class (res.) Shimon Yehoshua Asulin is the 225th soldier to have been killed in Israel's ground operation in the Strip

US and UK hit Houthi military targets in Yemen

The countries' armed forces have struck 36 targets at 13 different locations of Houthi militants

Actions of IDF in Gaza: clashes in the north, shelling in central and southern parts of the Strip

No casualties among Israeli military personnel have been reported

Kan 11: Metula might have been shelled with white phosphorus

Permission to publish this information has just been obtained

Women's marches in support of abducted families take place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Participants demand an immediate hostage deal with Hamas

Israeli Air Force and artillery units strike Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon

The terror organization had infrastructure near the village of Yaroun which lies on the Israeli–Lebanese border