Ben Gvir

Ynet: Ben Gvir to offer Ofer Winter police position

On October 7, Ofer Winter voluntarily joined the fighters opposing terrorists in the area surrounding Kibbutz Be'eri.

Ben Gvir and Smotrich called on Netanyahu to stop new promotions in the IDF

Their reactions came in response to the IDF's announcement regarding new appointments in the "General Staff forum."

Ben Gvir lightly hurt in car accident after running red light

The National Security Minister was leaving the scene of a terror stabbing in the central city of Ramle

Tibi files lawsuit against Ben Gvir over ban on meeting with terror leader Barghouti

Marwan Barghouti, the leader of the Palestinian terrorist organization Tanzim, is serving multiple life sentences in an Israeli prison.

Ben Gvir secures funds for 936 new prison beds

Ben Gvir has secured funding for his department to construct 936 new prison beds over a three-year period, totaling 536 million shekels.

Channel 14 to replace sports channel for prisoners

Previously, channel 14 was banned in prisons, known for its right-wing stance.

Ben Gvir: If war ends without Rafah op, Netanyahu can't serve as PM

Far-right National Security Minister threatens Netanyahu as troops pull out of Khan Younis and negotiations for a ceasefire continue