Washington Post: US offered Israel intelligence and supplies to avoid operation in Rafah

The Biden administration is afraid the invasion will endanger tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians

Hamas's strategy, Cairo-Doha relay, and US vacillations: What has happened in the Middle East

Expert on Arab affairs Marianna Belenkaya writes about Hamas's version of the hostage deal, Egypt's role as a mediator, and Biden's decision to stop US weapons supplies to Israel

Biden: 'We will not forget the October 7th violent attack'

US President Joe Biden spoke about antisemitism and the Holocaust seven months to the day after Hamas invaded Israel

Joe Biden calls Benjamin Netanyahu amidst Rafah evacuation

On Monday, May 6, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a telephone call with US President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump compares Biden administration to Gestapo

Trump accused the Joe Biden administration, alleging its involvement in lawsuits against him.

Biden confuses Palestinian Rafah with Israeli Haifa in interview

US President Joe Biden made an error during an interview with Nexstar Media, mistakenly referring to Palestinian Rafah as Israeli Haifa.

Biden, G7 leaders discuss 'diplomatic response' to Iranian attack on Israel

US President Joe Biden is hosting a virtual meeting with G7 leaders to address the "urgent diplomatic response" to the Iranian attack on Israel.