Communications Minister, Shlomo Karhi, has greenlit Elon Musk's Starlink to offer satellite Internet services in Israel.

This move ensures that all government agencies will stay connected even if traditional wired or mobile networks experience disruptions.

Furthermore, field hospitals established by the United Arab Emirates in the Gaza Strip will now have access to Starlink Internet.

A few days ago, Bloomberg reported Starlink's impending arrival in Israel. Initially, only official entities will gain access to satellite Internet.

Musk clarified that Starlink won't provide Internet in Gaza without Israeli government consent.

In late October 2023, Musk announced plans to allow humanitarian organizations in Gaza to connect to Starlink.

Addressing concerns, he emphasized, "We are not naive." He pledged to collaborate with the US and Israel to ensure the network is solely used for humanitarian purposes.

After Musk's visit to Israel in November 2023, Minister Karhi disclosed a tentative agreement on Starlink's operation in Israel and Gaza. Musk agreed that any Starlink satellite activations for Internet service in Israel or Gaza would require ministry approval.