According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the average salary in Israel in January 2024 dropped by 527 shekels (3.92%) compared to December 2023, totaling 13,171 shekels.

After adjusting for inflation, the average salary decreased by 459 shekels during the same period, amounting to 11,238 shekels.

Israel's total workforce reached 3.906 million people, a 0.5% increase from December 2023, but 25% lower than January 2023.

Meanwhile, in the Israeli high-tech sector, the average salary in January 2024 fell by 2,047 shekels (6.36%) from December 2023, reaching 30,126 shekels per month.

The high-tech sector's workforce grew by 1,700 people in January, totaling 398,500 employees, with 109,500 in manufacturing and 289,000 in services.