On April 17, the Israeli government approved a five-year, NIS 19 billion plan to rebuild and strengthen communities on the border with the Gaza Strip after the October 7 attack, the Prime Minister's Office says.

An additional NIS 18 billion will be allocated for the same purposes over the following five years. The program was prepared by the Tkuma Administration.

"We are investing a very large sum – 19 billion shekels – in developing settlements around Gaza for several generations. We will invest in housing, infrastructure, education, employment, healthcare, and much more. Hamas terrorists wanted to uproot us – but we will uproot them and deepen our roots. We will build the Land of Israel and protect our country," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

The government promises to turn the area into a center for science and sports by expanding Sapir College and the Wingate Institute. Advanced agriculture will be developed here using the latest technologies. The plan involves attracting new residents and creating conditions for harmonious development.

The program was developed with the participation of local authorities and will be implemented with their involvement. It includes the construction of housing, infrastructure development, economic growth, tourism expansion, and increasing employment. Another priority is ensuring personal and national security.