Armed man shot dead while setting fire to synagogue in France's Rouen

There were no victims other than the attacker

French police dismantle pro-Palestinian camp at Sorbonne

According to Paris police, the operation was swiftly and peacefully conducted, with no incidents reported. However, protesters disagree, alleging police brutality.

Leaders of France, Jordan, and Egypt call for Gaza ceasefire

"Violence, terror, and war will not pave the path to peace in the Middle East. Only the two-state solution holds the key", they said.

France drafts UN resolution; calls for hostage release, Gaza transfer to Palestinian Authority

France announced its intention to present a comprehensive resolution to the UN Security Council, calling for an indefinite ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

French Interior Ministry reports sharp increase in hate crimes since October 2023

During the last three months of the year, crime statistics doubled compared to the same period in 2022.

Holocaust memorial near Paris vandalized

Vandals have desecrated a Holocaust memorial located at the former concentration camp site in Drancy, just a few kilometers from Paris.

Jordan, US, Egypt, France carried out second airdrop of humanitarian aid into Gaza

Jordan said that the airdrop was the largest one since the beginning of the conflict, with three Jordanian planes, three US planes, and one each from France and Egypt taking part