Gaza City

IDF, Shin Bet launched another offensive in Khan Younis’s Al-Amal neighborhood

The raid, led by the 98th Division, will continue dismantling the Hamas infrastructure and eliminating terrorists in the area

IDF continues operations against terror infrastructure, operatives in Khan Yunis

IDF fighter jets eliminated terrorists after Israeli troops located them in different parts of the city

IDF detected and destroyed tunnels connecting northern and central Gaza

Living quarters, bathrooms, and weapons depots, as well as the bodies of several Hamas operatives, were discovered by the IDF in the tunnel network

IDF releases video of mopping-up operation in Khan Younis; three soldiers killed

Lt. Col. (res.) Netanel Yaacov Elkouby, Maj. (res.) Yair Cohen and Sgt. First Class (res.) Ziv Chen died due to expolsion

IDF strikes targets in the Strip and fights battles in Gaza City

The army was active in Khan Yunis, Gaza City, and Nuseirat.

IDF finds weapons in a School in Gaza City

The IDF found grenades, explosives, and other weapons in a school near a mosque in Gaza City.

IDF continues its operations in Gaza City and the Bakshi Area

Terrorist infrastructures were identified and destroyed.