New Phase's CEO, Ofer Shalev, has announced that the company has obtained FDA approval to initiate clinical trials for its innovative technology. The aim is to transform late-stage cancer from a terminal illness into a manageable chronic condition. This groundbreaking advancement not only extends life expectancy but also improves symptom management, free from the severe side effects commonly associated with traditional treatments.

In essence, this Israeli technology could redefine the landscape of advanced cancer treatment, mirroring the approach taken with HIV: stabilizing the disease, prolonging life, and enhancing overall quality of life while minimizing symptoms and mitigating the harsh side effects of current aggressive therapies.

As reported by CTech, the novel treatment, which demonstrated promising outcomes in initial clinical trials, leverages New Phase's patented Sarah Nanotechnology System. This system can accurately differentiate between cancerous and healthy cells, enabling targeted destruction of cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissue—a significant improvement over conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

New Phase's technology allows for the treatment of metastatic tumors through the targeted delivery of nanoparticles intravenously, which accumulate at the tumor site. Subsequently, patients are exposed to an alternating magnetic field system developed by New Phase, effectively heating and destroying cancer cells while maintaining precise temperature control.

Furthermore, the systemic nature of the treatment ensures the eradication of cancer cells throughout the body, addressing micrometastases and multiple tumors characteristic of late-stage cancer. Ofer Shalev stressed the significance of this comprehensive approach, particularly in stage IV cancer, where widespread cancer growth necessitates comprehensive treatment.

Following approval from the Israeli Ministry of Health, New Phase conducted successful clinical trials at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, treating 20 patients with lung, colon, cervical, and liver cancer. With FDA approval secured, the company plans to commence clinical trials at a US hospital, aiming for completion by the end of 2026 and potential market availability by 2027.

Founded in 2013 by Ofer Shalev and Dr. Rafi Hof, New Phase named its Sarah Nanotechnology System in honor of Dr. Hof's mother, who passed away from cancer. Headquartered in Petah Tikva near the Rabin Medical Center, the company has received $34 million in funding from Israeli, American, and Brazilian investors, boasting a team of 25 dedicated employees.