IDF struck Hezbollah targets, confirms crash of drone in Israel

A UAV crossed from Lebanon and fell in the area of Beit Hillel without causing injuries

Amos Hochstein's impossible mission and Hamas's future plan: What has happened in the Middle East

Expert on Arab affairs Marianna Belenkaya talks on Hamas's plans to hand over the management of the civilian sector in the Gaza Strip to Fatah, the possibility of a full-scale war between Hezbollah and Israel, and the conflict between Netanyahu and the Biden administration over weapons halt

IAF strikes Hezbollah terrorist targets in southern Lebanon

Several rockets were fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel, with no casualties reported

IDF confirms killing of senior Hezbollah commander

The IDF has confirmed several operations in southern Lebanon, including the killing of a senior Hezbollah commander.

IAF struck targets in southern Lebanon, destroyed Hezbollah's rocket launcher

The strikes aimed to degrade Hezbollah's capabilities, hitting buildings used for military purposes

Nasrallah: 'Hezbollah's invasion of the Galilee remains on the table'

Hezbollah's leader also threatened Cyprus for the first time, saying the terror group could target its infrastructure in case of a war

IDF confirms strike on Hezbollah military depot

The IDF confirmed airstrikes on a Hezbollah military warehouse in southern Lebanon's Yaroun region.