Humanitarian Aid

Pentagon admits that none of the aid delivered through US-built pier has been delivered to Palestinians

Trucks have been intercepted by crowds of desperate Palestinians after the aid leaves the loading area

American humanitarian pier installed off Gaza coast

The US Central Command announced the completion of a pier installation for delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Tsav 9 activists block path of trucks carrying aid for Gaza near Hebron

Tsav 9 activists held a protest near the Tarkumiya checkpoint south of Hebron.

Blinken-Gallant phone call: US opposes Rafah operation escalation

linken reiterated the administration's objection to the IDF carrying out a large-scale operation in Rafah.

Media reports new checkpoint opened in northern Gaza for humanitarian aid trucks

An additional humanitarian aid checkpoint was opened in agreement with the United States.

First batch of humanitarian aid sent from Cyprus to floating pier in Gaza

On May 7, the Americans completed the construction of a system of floating piers (JLOTS) off the coast of the Gaza Strip, intended for receiving humanitarian aid.

Kerem Shalom crossing reopens for humanitarian aid passage into Gaza

the Kerem Shalom checkpoint was previously closed from May 5 to May 7 following mortar attacks.