IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi visited Nir Oz to apologize to residents

The first IDF units arrived at the kibbutz seven hours after the attack began, by which time the devastation had already occurred

Strategic IDF Navy ship 'Komemiyut' arrives in Israel

The IDF Navy's new landing ship, the Komemiyut, arrived at the naval base in Haifa.

IDF confirms strike on Hezbollah military depot

The IDF confirmed airstrikes on a Hezbollah military warehouse in southern Lebanon's Yaroun region.

Syrian Ministry of Defense reports officer killed by IDF strikes in Quneitra and Daraa

The Syrian Ministry of Defense announced the death of an officer due to Israeli strikes on our military installations in the Qunaitra and Daraa areas.

IDF eliminates Hamas militants, including Sniper Commander, in Gaza

Forces from the 99th and 162nd Divisions, supported by the IDF Air Force and Navy, are conducting a ground operation in Gaza.

Israeli intelligence warned of Hamas attack three weeks before October 7

Military sources confirmed that the document was known to intelligence leadership at least at the division level, but was completely ignored.

IDF confirms death of key Hezbollah commander

Ayoub was a key commander responsible for multiple attacks on Israeli territory.