According to the results of Monday's elections, ultra-religious parties secured approximately half of the seats in the city council of the capital.

The Degel HaTorah list, representing the Lithuanian branch of Judaism, garnered 7 seats, while the Shas party, representing immigrants from eastern countries, obtained 6 seats.

Following closely is the Hasidic list "Agudat Yisrael," which will hold 3 seats. The Bnei Torah list, supported by the radical ultra-religious group Peleg Yerushalmi (Jerusalem Wing), is expected to secure the top position.

Preliminary calculations suggest that the right-wing religious list led by Aryeh King and the national religious list headed by Hagit Moshe will each receive 1 seat.

However, the Noam party, representing the right wing of religious Zionism, did not surpass the electoral threshold.

Analysts anticipate a slight shift in favor of national-religious lists following the counting of 9,000 double envelopes used for voting in the army.