The Sun reports that English actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has received an official offer to play James Bond in the upcoming continuation of the spy franchise. He is expected to sign the contract this week.

Daniel Craig portrayed the famous spy for 15 years, starting with "Casino Royale." Taylor-Johnson has not yet confirmed his participation in the project. When asked in a recent interview about the rumors naming him as the next Bond, he found it "charming and wonderful that people see me in that role." "I take it as a great compliment," he added.

The 26th installment of the series doesn't have a title, script, or director yet. Rumor has it that the Oscar-winning director of "Oppenheimer" Christopher Nolan might direct the film. Nolan and Taylor-Johnson worked together on "Tenet."

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Jewish. He has appeared in the action films "Kick-Ass," "Avengers: Age of Ultron," "Godzilla," "The King's Man," "Tenet," "Bullet Train," and "Kraven the Hunter."

Eon Productions, responsible for the franchise, plans to begin filming the new Bond film later this year. The production of the spy action was postponed due to the Hollywood strike last year.