During her speech in the Knesset on Wednesday, March 27, Likud MK Galit Distel-Atbaryan stated that the niece of Hadash-Ta'al MK Ahmad Tibi was a high-ranking activist in the Palestinian terror organization Hamas and was responsible for ideology and education.

"The woman, whose uncle is Ahmad Tibi, was a senior officer in Hamas," Distel-Atbaryan said. According to the Channel 14 TV website, Galit Distel-Atbaryan revealed information that Tibi's niece served in Hamas's political leadership department and was responsible for promoting the group's terrorist ideology in the Gaza Strip.

"Dr. Sahar Tibi, this very niece, is a pedagogical instructor by profession, and she held a high position in Hamas. In other words, Tibi's niece sat and wrote Hamas programs on teaching violence. She created an inflammatory program that compelled Hamas members to rape, kill, and behead people," Distel-Atbaryan said. "The one who turned people in Gaza into monsters is Ahmad Tibi's niece. She created these sick minds by developing Hamas educational programs for children from birth to 18 years old."

In January, Ahmad Tibi confirmed that three of his relatives were killed in an airstrike on the Nuseirat refugee camp amid the ongoing war in Gaza. One of them was identified as university lecturer Dr. Sahar Tibi.