The Haifa Magistrate's Court acquitted the police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Ethiopian immigrant Solomon Tekah in Kiryat Haim in 2019. The police officer was charged with reckless manslaughter after a bullet he fired into the ground ricocheted and hit the young man. Tekah's death sparked widespread riots in the country, with members of the Ethiopian community protesting against police brutality.

Solomon Tekah died on June 30, 2019. Media reports said that the police officer, who was off duty at the time, tried to intervene in a tense situation and fired warning shots at the ground instead of into the air. Forensic tests confirmed this version of events.

In his testimony in court, the police officer stated that Taka and his friends, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, were throwing rocks at him. The officer explained that he did not intend to kill or injure any of them but fired into the ground, hoping to calm the attackers.

In addition to the criminal proceedings, Solomon Tekah's family filed a civil lawsuit against the Israel Police. The parties reached an out-of-court settlement. The Tekah family demanded compensation of NIS 2.5 million as part of the lawsuit. Under the agreement, they received NIS 1.8 million without the police admitting responsibility for the young man's death.