The pro-Iranian Shia group, Islamic Resistance in Iraq, claimed to have launched five missiles targeting Israel in the past three days. They allege that a "vital target" and the Hatzerim airbase near Beersheba were among the attacked sites.

The statement was accompanied by a video showing the launch of at least four Iranian 351 (Quds-1) cruise missiles.

Notably, the day before, Iraqi militants claimed to have attacked a military base in southern Israel on the night of April 8. Initially, they mentioned a base called "Yohanten," which does not exist in Israel. Later, they stated that drones were used to target the Eliphelet military base north of Lake Kinneret, which does exist.

However, there is no confirmation of these attacks from either the Israeli military or civilian authorities. No explosions or fires were reported at military bases in southern or northern Israel on April 8-9.

Similar claims from pro-Iranian militants in Iraq have been made multiple times in the past. However, attitudes towards these claims shifted slightly after the IDF confirmed that a UAV struck a building on the military base in Eilat on April 1.

Typically, statements from pro-Iranian militants in Iraq about attacks on Israeli targets remain unverified. They have previously claimed to have launched UAVs at the port of Ashdod, targeted maritime facilities, attacked the Haifa port, Ben Gurion airport, and even made false claims about strikes on oil refineries and military bases. None of these claims have been confirmed by Israeli sources. There were also fabricated "strikes" on Eilat.