On the night of April 15, the IDF continued to operate in the Gaza Strip. Only Gazan sources reported on the course of the fighting overnight.

Throughout the night, sources in Gaza reported IDF strikes on targets in the north, center, and south of the sector. Compared to the previous day, the intensity of the fighting increased.

In the north of the sector, IDF artillery targeted sites in the western part of Gaza City, as well as a neighborhood in the southeast of Gaza City.

In the center of the Strip, IDF artillery targeted sites in the center and north of Nuseirat. The IDF drones attacked a target in the Nuseirat area, and the troops shelled targets in the north of Nuseirat.

In the southern part of the sector, the Israeli Air Force targeted the homes of the Al-Adini and Al-Amur families in the Al-Fuhari area, southeast of Khan Yunis. The IAF also targeted sites near the European Hospital, east of Khan Yunis. Five injuries were reported in the Al-Manara area near Khan Yunis.

The IDF has not yet commented on the fighting in Gaza on April 15.