Spiritual leaders of the Haredi religious political Shas party are actively opposed to the strike on Iran, Channel 11 reports.

Before speaking at the government meeting against a strike on Iran, Shas party head and war cabinet observer Aryeh Deri spoke with several leading rabbis of the ultra-Orthodox sector and listened to their opinions. The rabbis warned that striking Iran in the near future would endanger the state of Israel.

According to Channel 11, this is precisely the opinion that Deri voices in the government. Currently, he is the only coalition party leader speaking out against a strike on Iran.

In an interview with the Shas party's Haderech newspaper, Deri also expressed opposition to a strike on Iran.

"We must not forget that we are still at war in Gaza, that there are Israelis still in the hands of Hamas, and that tens of thousands of people have not returned to their homes. So the right thing at this time is to focus on that and not open more fronts, not to look for ways to escalate the situation," Deri said.