On the night of May 3, the IDF continued to operate in the Gaza Strip. Only sources in Gaza reported on the course of combat actions at night. 

During the past night, the IDF carried out strikes on targets in the center and south of the Gaza Strip. According to available data, the intensity of combat actions in Gaza is again beginning to increase.

In central Gaza, the IDF Air Force attacked targets in the area of Nuseirat and targeted the home of the Ayyad family in the Al-Bureij camp.

In southern Gaza, the IDF Air Force struck a target in the northern part of Jaafar Al Tayyar Street in Rafah. The home of the Shaheen family was attacked, resulting in casualties and injuries. The IDF Air Force again targeted several objectives in Rafah, attacking a target in the refugee camp area west of Rafah and a site near the Abu Shamala Mosque in Tel al-Sultan, west of Rafah, causing fires. The IDF helicopters attacked homes in western Rafah.

Hamas-run Gaza Ministry of Health reported at least six killed, as well as several injured, as a result of the IDF Air Force strike on the Shahin family's home in the northern part of Jaafar at-Tayyar Street in the north of Rafah. At least four children were among seven killed Palestinians. Nine people were injured as a result of the IDF strike on a target in Al-Bureij, in central Gaza.

The IDF has not commented yet on the combat actions in Gaza on May 3.