On the night of May 6, the Israel Defense Forces continued to operate in the Gaza Strip. Only sources in Gaza reported on the course of hostilities overnight.

The IDF struck targets in the northern and southern parts of the Gaza Strip. Strikes were mainly carried out on targets in Rafah. According to reports, the intensity of the fighting in Gaza is high.

In the northern part of the Strip, a missile strike was carried out on an apartment in a residential building at the Samir intersection in Gaza City, resulting in casualties.

In the southern part of the Strip, the IDF Air Force conducted strikes on targets in Rafah throughout the night. In particular, the homes of the Kish, Abu Libda, Kallab, and Abu Hashem families were targeted. In addition, IDF artillery shelled targets east of Rafah.

Hamas-run Gaza Ministry of Health reported 21 killed as a result of IDF strikes on 11 homes in Rafah, starting from the evening of May 5. As a result of an airstrike on the Kish clan's house in the al-Salam area of Rafah, at least nine people, including children, were killed. There were also casualties as a result of the strike on the Abu Libda family home near Al-Quds University in Rafah.

The IDF has not commented on the fighting in Gaza on May 6 yet.