On the night of May 12, the IDF continued to operate in the Gaza Strip. Only Gazan sources reported on the course of the fighting overnight.

Last night, the IDF struck targets in the north, center, and south of the Gaza Strip. Operations continue in Rafah and Zeitoun. Judging by the available data, the intensity of the fighting in Gaza is high.

In the north of the Strip, the IDF artillery and helicopters shelled targets east of Jabalia. The Israeli Air Force also carried out a series of strikes on targets in the northern part of the Strip.

In central Gaza, the Israeli Air Force struck the Dariush family’s house and other targets in Nuseirat, as well as conducted strikes on targets north of Nuseirat.

In the south of the Strip, the IDF artillery shelled the central and eastern areas of Rafah. The IDF is continuing its operations in Rafah.

Hamas claimed to have attacked Israeli soldiers in Jabalia. The IDF has not commented on the fighting in Gaza on May 12.