During his weekly lesson, the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yitzhak Yosef, said that he had met with the heads of the military, including the Chief of Staff, the Commissioner of Israel Police, and the head of the Mossad.

Rabbi Yosef told his audience about his meeting with Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi last week: "I told him that ultra-Orthodox yeshivas pray and recite Psalms every day for the success of the army and for God to protect our soldiers. Halevi was deeply moved and expressed his gratitude."

He then mentioned a similar meeting with the head of the Mossad, David Barnea. According to Rabbi Yosef, Barnea informed him about intelligence officers who have become closer to religious observance and want answers to their questions. "I cannot provide details, but I sent a detailed letter with various recommendations. Barnea said he would use them," Rabbi Yosef said. A similar letter was also given to the police commissioner Kobi Shabtai. 

The Chief Sephardic Rabbi emphasized that according to the tractate "Ethics of the Fathers," the world stands on three pillars, with Torah study being the first. "Everyone understands this, except perhaps the media," Rabbi Yosef told his listeners. "May God return all the soldiers and all those abducted safely, in good spiritual and physical health."