In a televised address amid the ongoing war, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant sharply criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's stance on Gaza and his refusal to discuss the "day after the war."

Gallant said that Israel is on a path toward establishing Israeli military and civilian governance in Gaza, which he described as a "bad alternative" that poses strategic and security risks for Israel.

He called on the Prime Minister to make a decision and declare that Israel will not exercise civilian rule in the Gaza Strip because no Israeli military administration will be established in Gaza and that an alternative government to Hamas in the Gaza Strip will be advanced immediately.

Gallant said that the security establishment had provided Netanyahu with a plan, but he has been unwilling to discuss it.

Gallant claims that he has been raising the issue of finding a replacement for Hamas during sessions of the security cabinet since October but has been rebuffed.

According to him, after the war, the Gaza Strip should be governed only by Palestinian entities with international actors, and these entities should become an alternative to Hamas rule.

When asked if he fears being dismissed following his statement, Gallant said that he "is not accusing anyone" and added that in a democratic country, a person holding office, especially the position of Defense Minister, should present their viewpoint to the public.