The Department for Internal Police Investigations (DIPI) has filed an appeal to the Haifa District Court against a lower court ruling that found an off-duty police officer not guilty of reckless manslaughter over the death of 18-year-old Solomon Tekah in 2019.

DIPI argues that the policeman had no right to use firearms in the situation as there was no immediate threat to his life, and that his warning shot had therefore not been warranted. The department also contends that following police protocols, the officer should have fired in the air and not into the asphalt as the bullet that ricocheted back up at the teen and killed him.  

The officer was charged with negligent manslaughter, sparking nationwide protests from the Ethiopian community against police brutality.

Testifying in court, the policeman stated that Taka and his companions, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, threw stones at him. The officer explained he did not intend to kill or injure anyone but fired into the ground in hopes of deterring the attackers.

In addition to criminal proceedings, Tekah's family filed a civil suit against the Israeli police. An out-of-court settlement was reached. The family sought compensation of 2.5 million shekels. Under the agreement, they received 1.8 million shekels without the police acknowledging responsibility for the young man's death.