The Jerusalem District Court has resumed proceedings in cases involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On May 21, Justice Minister Yariv Levin testified in the "Case 2000," where the Prime Minister is accused of betraying public trust in connection with his meetings with the head of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Arnon Mozes.

Levin answered questions regarding a bill aimed at restricting the distribution of the newspaper Israel Hayom. The bill proposed setting a symbolic price for an issue of a newspaper (approximately one shekel) and banning free distribution.

Levin is currently being questioned by a representative from the prosecutor's office, after which he will face questioning from defense attorneys.

The prosecution's objective in this phase of the trial is to demonstrate that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought approval of the bill by securing a promise from Arnon Mozes to provide more balanced coverage of the government.

Netanyahu, on his part, contends that not only did he not advocate for the law, but he also initiated the government's collapse amidst its preliminary approval.