The leader of the Our Home Israel party, Avigdor Lieberman, spoke against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a faction meeting in the Knesset on Monday, May 27, stating that “Netanyahu’s continued power jeopardizes the future of the State of Israel.”

“This failed government, torn apart by internal contradictions, has not achieved any of the goals of the war,” Lieberman said. “I appeal to Gideon Saar, Benny Gantz, and Yair Lapid: let's join forces and create an operational headquarters. Together, we can form a coalition of Zionist parties, create a new government even within this Knesset, and, if necessary, push for early elections.”

“Our duty is to unite all the healthy forces of Israeli society and the political system,” Lieberman continued. “This is necessary for victory and for creating a reasonable, functioning government that works for the benefit of society.”

Lieberman also called on Likud MPs who “agree with his assessment” to form a coalition “to replace the government and the prime minister.”