Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at a Knesset plenary meeting convened at the opposition's insistence. Families of the hostages attended the meeting, displaying a poster with portraits of five girls, the IDF observers held in Gaza. The poster read: “Look them in the eyes,” a message visible from the Knesset podium.

Netanyahu discussed his meetings with troops on the northern border and in Rafah, emphasizing their determination to complete their mission, defeat Hamas, and bring the hostages home. He stated that the only obstacle to the release of the abductees is Yahya Sinwar. “Instead of putting pressure on Sinwar, it is aimed at the Israeli government,” Netanyahu said.

He refuted reports that he had refused to extend the negotiating mandate, stating that he had extended it for the fifth time at the negotiating team's request.

Netanyahu also addressed the fire at the Rafah tent camp, acknowledging a “tragic failure” and stating that Israel is investigating the causes.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid called on Netanyahu to resign. “Why are you still the head of government? Where have you seen a head of government, responsible for the greatest tragedy of the Jewish people since the Holocaust, still in office? Why haven't you asked for forgiveness from the people of Israel and resigned?”

The opposition collected 40 signatures from parliamentarians to ensure Netanyahu's attendance at the Knesset meeting.