Radio Kan Bet and TV channel Kan-11 reported that the war cabinet made the decision not to send an Israeli delegation to negotiations in Doha until an official response is received from Hamas regarding Israel's proposal for the release of hostages.

On Wednesday, June 5, a meeting was held in Doha between Qatar, Egypt, and Hamas representatives. Sources familiar with the negotiations claim that both Qatar and Egypt are exerting "intense" pressure on Hamas to move towards an agreement with Israel.

Israel says that if an agreement on the second stage of the deal cannot be reached with Hamas, military actions in the Gaza Strip will resume. This contradicts Joe Biden's statement on Saturday that the ceasefire will not end, even if the parties disagree on further steps before the end of the first stage of the deal.

According to Kan, if there are no last-minute changes, on Thursday, June 6, members of the expanded military-political cabinet will be briefed on the content of Israel's latest proposal to Hamas.