On Saturday, June 8, large-scale rallies were held in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Caesarea, Haifa, and other cities, where participants demanded that the government reach a deal with Hamas to return hostages home.

The protests began hours after the military said that four hostages were rescued alive from the Nuseirat camp. Some relatives of the kidnapped Israelis and protesters argue that the seemingly successful operation proves that military means alone cannot free all the captives.

Police reported the arrest of 33 protesters in Tel Aviv for public disorder.

Protesters posted videos on social media claiming police brutality. For instance, in Caesarea, police allegedly pushed an elderly woman who fell and lost consciousness, and her 16-year-old grandson was detained when he tried to help her. Similar videos emerged from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

In Haifa, a protest was dispersed where participants accused the Israeli army of "massacres in Gaza."