The court has authorized the release of a photo and name of a suspect accused of sexual violence against children in Kfar Saba, citing concerns that there may be additional victims beyond those currently known to investigators.

Police in Kfar Saba initiated an investigation following a report of child sexual abuse. Preliminary findings indicate that a young girl, unaccompanied by her parents, was approached by the suspect, 70-year-old Abdelatif Masraoua from Tayibe. He allegedly asked to take a photo with her, during which he committed an indecent assault.

Following identification by police and subsequent arrest, Masraoua was interrogated and brought before the Lod District Court for an extension of his detention. The court approved the release of his name and photo to aid in identifying other potential victims.

Authorities urge anyone affected by the suspect's actions to contact their local police station.