Border Police have arrested an IDF soldier from Ramle, 19, and her partner from Karnei Shomron,, 21, for transporting illegal Palestinian immigrants into Israel. On Tuesday, June 25, they were charged with 27 counts of various offenses.

According to the investigation led by the Jerusalem District Border Police investigative department, the accused IDF soldier and her partner organized "transport services" for Palestinians, aiding their illegal entry and stay in Israel. The soldier transported the illegal immigrants while in uniform to avoid police suspicion. This took place during the current war with Hamas, under the blockade of Palestinian territories.

While serving in the army, the accused worked as a waitress at a restaurant in Rishon Lezion and was in contact with an illegal Palestinian immigrant from an Arab village in the West Bank who worked at the restaurant as a cook. She began giving him rides from his home to the restaurant and back.

Later, the illegal worker suggested she start smuggling other Palestinian illegals for money, and the soldier agreed. She also involved her partner in planning and executing this illegal business.

The police documented thirty different occasions when the accused transported dozens of Palestinian illegals from the Beit Horon gas station on Route 443 through the Maccabim crossing into central Israel. While passing the checkpoint, the partner would place his hand on the soldier's seatback to conceal the illegals in the back, instructing them to duck down. On one occasion, the soldier transported the illegals while in uniform.

After gathering evidence, the accused were arrested on June 8 when they attempted to transport illegals through the Maccabim crossing again. On June 25, the prosecution submitted an indictment against the two suspects to the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court.

One of the Palestinians who contacted and coordinated with the accused to use their "services" is a security prisoner who was released as part of the Schalit deal.

Two vehicles used for transporting the illegals and the money earned from these activities were confiscated. The prosecution asked for the extension of the couple's detention until the end of the proceedings.