Knesset member and former education minister Yifat Shasha-Biton from Gideon Sa'ar's New Hope party announced her temporary decision to step away from political life. She cited the current political reality as a barrier to her ability to influence the country's direction significantly. "Sometimes, one must take a step back in order to break forward. This is my time to do so," she wrote on Facebook.

"Just over nine years ago, when I entered the Knesset, I made myself two promises: to stay true to myself, my values, my beliefs, even if it required paying a political price, in short – not to lose my way," Shasha-Biton wrote, listing the various positions she held in parliament and government over the years. "And second, the moment I feel that I don't have the means or tools to make an impact and contribute to changing the current reality, I will step away."

"The current political reality doesn't allow me to significantly – or at all – influence the direction of our country," Shasha-Biton continued. "The months I spent in the cabinet and government helped me understand better how it is possible and necessary to lead the war differently, both on the home front and the battlefield. I know it can be different. However, with this knowledge, it is even harder for me to realize that I have very few opportunities to influence the current situation. With great pain, I have decided to take a break from political life at this state."

Shasha-Biton then highlighted the dire situation of residents in northern Israel, who are unsure when they can return home, the failures of the military strategy on all possible fronts, and the government's preoccupation with its own survival instead of addressing the tasks and consequences of the war. She emphasized the necessity of bringing all hostages home.