Israel to encourage Jewish scientists to make Aliyah despite budget constraints

Ofir Sofer is working on allocating a budget for a program for immigrated scientists that ceased operating last year.

Jewish young man to be executed in Iran on May 20

The 20-year-old young man was named Erwin Nathanel Ben Ziona.

German citizenship test now includes questions on Jews and Israel

The aim is to prevent antisemites and radicals from obtaining citizenship.

Dmitry Salita to join Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

The Jewish Sports Heritage Association has announced the induction of Detroit-based promoter and former boxer Dmitriy Salita into its Hall of Fame.

Garri Bardin launches fundraiser for film on resilience of Jewish life

Describing it as "a film about Jews persevering despite adversity," Bardin expressed his civic duty commitment to the project.

'Jews who vote Democrat hate their religion and Israel', says Trump

Former US President Donald Trump, who secured the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, appeared as a guest on the podcast of his former adviser Sebastian Gorka.

Holocaust survivor condemns Glazer for exploiting Auschwitz to criticize Israel

“The most terrible thing is that you chose to use the Holocaust to justify your opinion,” Schaecter says, turning to Glazer.