Israeli government approves ban on Al Jazeera broadcasts

All cabinet members supported this initiative, although representatives of Machane Mamlachti were absent during the vote.

Reports: Netanyahu offers 'Inconvenient' MP post of ambassador to Italy

Dalal has been known for his frequent criticisms of the government and his independent stance.

CNN: Israeli operation in Rafah postponed due to Ramadan

The US administration anticipates that the IDF's military operation in Gaza will not extend to Rafah in the near future.

Forbes: Adam Sandler named highest-paid actor of 2023

Sandler earned a total of $73 million over the year, with a significant portion of his earnings coming from projects commissioned by the streaming platform Netflix.

Hamas and Israel agree on prisoner exchange based on 404:40 formula, says EFE

At the time of EFE's report, neither Israel, Hamas, nor the mediating countries had officially confirmed the agreement.

CNN: Israel could invade Lebanon in late spring or early summer

A senior Biden administration official reveals that the White House anticipates Israel's potential major military operation against Hezbollah in the upcoming months.

Reuters: Hamas establishes 'Public Security Committee' in Rafah to control market pricing

Many Gaza residents allege that Hamas steals humanitarian aid, redistributing stolen goods to relatives who often sell them in markets.