On Friday, December 29, Saudi television channel Al-Hadat reported that, according to its sources, an Israeli air force attack on Damascus airport resulted in the death of 11 senior members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Nuzat Rashid, a representative of the IRGC in eastern Syria, was also reported to be seriously wounded in the same attack. Al-Hadat claims that, at the time of the assault, a group of IRGC officers was in a meeting with a delegation of high-ranking officials at the airport.

The attack on Damascus airport reportedly occurred just 24 hours after the resumption of flights, which had been disrupted in late November following a similar air strike.

Israel did not claim responsibility for these attacks.

On the evening of December 28, explosions were reported in Damascus, according to Syrian media. The London-based monitoring group, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), stated that the strike targeted Damascus International Airport, aiming to prevent a cargo plane carrying weapons from Iran from landing.

In contrast, some opposition media sources claimed that the international airport remained untouched, suggesting the attack focused on Iranian targets in Tal al-Sahan, located in southern Syria.