On Friday, December 29, Tehran announced the execution of four individuals purportedly identified as "Israeli spies". The individuals had been previously arrested in the northwestern region of Iran, reportedly within the territory of Iranian Azerbaijan.

The Iranian agency Tasnim released a video depicting the detention of "spies" and the confession of one of them.

The Oriental Express Telegram channel reported that a video has been published where an individual named Vafa claims that in 2021, he was recruited by a Mossad officer to assemble a team for the purpose of conducting various operations. Two teams were allegedly formed—one for gathering intel and another for executing assigned tasks.

Vafa claimed that the Israeli handler urged him to commit murders, kidnappings, explosions, and intimidation tactics, including burning houses and cars, as well as stealing mobile phones from surveillance targets. The agents were allegedly directed to carry out a "big explosion," after which they were promised transportation to Europe. However, Iranian intelligence services intervened and arrested them before the plan could be executed.

The information released suggests that all four "spies" lacked specialized training as intelligence officers and saboteurs. The Oriental Express notes that the charges for which they were found guilty are unlikely to have any factual basis.

It is important to note that the execution took place following the elimination of IRGC General Reza Mousavi in Syria.