According to Al-Arabiya TV, the IDF targeted Muhammad Reza Zahedi, commander of the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, in Damascus.

Zahedi, formerly in charge of the IRGC Air Force, was reported dead.

The IDF's attack near the Iranian consulate in Damascus killed six Iranians, including diplomats. The Iranian ambassador to Syria was unharmed, Iranian media reported.

Iran's Ambassador to Damascus, Hussein Akbari, said the embassy attack shows Israel's disregard for international laws. He accused Israel of being willing to do anything to achieve its goals.

Explosions were reported in Damascus after 5:00 PM. Al-Arabiya TV reported the Israeli Air Force struck a building near the Iranian consulate, now serving as an embassy.

Syrian military sources said Israeli planes attacked from the Golan Heights. The air defense system engaged, intercepting some missiles. The strike destroyed the building, causing casualties inside.