The official website of Saudi Arabia's ruling dynasty reported that the kingdom, along with the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states, provided Israel with intelligence crucial in thwarting the Iranian strike.

This cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia, kept secret until now, is a result of American mediation. Essentially, it signifies an informal alliance aimed at countering the Iranian threat.

When Iran notified certain countries, including Saudi Arabia, about the impending attack, Saudi Arabia promptly shared this information with the United States, which then relayed it to Israel. Radar stations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE actively monitored missiles and drones, sharing real-time information with their allies.

The article suggests that the Israeli strike on the Iranian diplomatic mission in Damascus, which resulted in the deaths of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps generals, escalated the conflict, prompting Iran to seek retaliation. However, it underscores that Saudi Arabia's primary objective is to counter the Iranian threat.