Syrian state news agency SANA reported airstrikes and activities of air defenses in the Homs and Baniyas regions. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Israeli Air Force struck at least one military site east of Homs, within the "Hezbollah influence zone."

A Syrian military source informed the agency that a missile was launched from Israeli aircraft operating in Lebanese airspace.

SOHR noted that this marks the 42nd instance of Israeli strikes on Syrian territory this year, with 30 of these attacks conducted by the IAF. These strikes have destroyed some 90 targets, including ammunition depots, command posts, logistics centers, and vehicles. In addition, the attacks have caused the deaths of 142 military personnel and killed 12 civilians, with 69 people injured.

SOHR reported that two rockets—one fired by an Israeli aircraft and another by Syrian air defenses—fell on a residential building in the Baniyas area, causing a fire. Preliminary reports say that a child was killed and 20 people were injured.