Netanyahu's team returns from Doha after Hamas deal talks

The Israeli Prime Minister's office announced that the negotiating team has returned from Doha, Qatar.

Heads of Shin Bet and Mossad fly to Doha to continue negotiations

CIA Director Bill Burns and the head of Egyptian intelligence will also take part in the talks in Doha

Hamas leadership may move to Iraq from Qatar

The National newspaper, based in the United Arab Emirates, reports that the Hamas leadership is planning to relocate from Qatar to Iraq.

Hamas denies allegations of arrest threats by Egypt and Qatar

Sources within Hamas are refuting allegations that Egypt and Qatar threatened to arrest the group's leaders if they reject a hostage release deal.

Ben Gvir calls on Netanyahu to clarify position on deal

Sources close to Ben Gvir assert that Hamas's negative response to the proposed deal does not change his expectations from the prime minister.

Media reports: Hamas rejects Israel deal, citing differences from Biden’s proposal

Hamas has rejected the ceasefire and prisoner exchange proposal from Israeli authorities.

Al-Mayadeen: Hamas refuses to send delegation to Cairo

A senior Hamas official told Al-Mayadeen that the group does not intend to send a delegation to Cairo because it finds the offer made to Hamas by the mediators unacceptable.