October 7

Bodies of three hostages recovered from north Gaza

Orión Hernández Radoux, 30, Hanan Yablonka, 42, and Michel Nisenbaum, 59, were all killed on October 7

'Our failure': Hagari on video of captured Israeli women

IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari commented on the video footage released yesterday of Hamas terrorists capturing female observers at the IDF base in Nahal Oz on October 7.

IDF: HAMAN warned Netanyahu about 'October 7'; Netanyahu denies allegations

The IDF press office confirmed that between March and July, Military Intelligence (AMAN) had sent Benjamin Netanyahu four warnings.

Ambassadors of Ireland, Norway, Spain view Hamas' hostage kidnapping recording

The ambassadors of Spain, Norway, and Ireland visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, May 23, at the request of Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

Netanyahu's office denies receiving AMAN warning on Hamas attack

The Prime Minister's office has denied reports that he received warnings from military intelligence, AMAN, about a possible attack from the Gaza Strip.

Ambassadors of Ireland, Spain, Norway summoned to Foreign Ministry to view abduction recording

The ambassadors of Ireland, Spain, and Norway were summoned to view a video recording by Hamas terrorists showing the kidnapping of military observers on October 7.

IDF recovers bodies of hostages Itzhak Gelerenter, Amit Buskila, Shani Louk

The bodies were recovered in an overnight operation carried out by the military and Shin Bet