Palestinians allege IDF orders Gaza civilians to evacuate

Palestinian social media users have shared reports claiming that the IDF is distributing Arabic-language leaflets over Gaza instructing residents to evacuate promptly.

18 Palestinian minors arrested in Hadera forest for illegal entry

They were taken into custody and will have their detention periods reviewed based on the investigation

Slovenian Parliament recognizes 'Independent Palestine'

On June 4, the Slovenian parliament recognized the "independent state of Palestine".

Switzerland rejected socialists' proposal to recognize Palestine

By 131 votes to 61 with 2 abstentions, the House of Representatives said ‘no’ to the postulate by the Social Democratic Party

Survey: 40% of Palestinians believe the October 7 massacre serves Palestinian interests

In addition, 55% of respondents believe Hamas's popularity will rise due to the conflict, while 41% predict Hamas will ultimately win the war against Israel

Danish parliament rejects proposal to recognize Palestinian state

Spain, Ireland, and Norway have recognized Palestinian statehood this week

Spain, Norway, and Ireland formally recognized Palestinian state

The decision triggered an angry response from Israel, which summoned the countries’ ambassadors in Tel Aviv to the Foreign Ministry