IDF operation in Gaza: more than 150 terrorists killed in Jabalia alone

The 98th Division continues combat in northern Gaza, in the Jabalia area, while the 162nd Division is in Rafah in the south.

Reuters: Egypt rejects Israel's proposal for joint Rafah checkpoint management

Egypt rejected Israel's proposal for joint management of the Rafah checkpoint, located on the Gaza Strip-Sinai Peninsula border.

Defense Minister vows to expand Rafah operation, deploy more forces

Gallant reported that Israeli forces in Rafah are actively engaged in military operations, with hundreds of targets attacked and ongoing maneuvers nearing their objectives.

White House announces plan to supply $1.26 billion worth of weapons to Israel

The Biden administration has informed Congress of its intention to proceed with arms sales to Israel amounting to approximately $1.26 billion.

US Deputy Secretary of State: 'Israel's total victory in Gaza is unlikely'

Kurt Campbell's comments come as Washington is warning Israel not to go ahead with a major military offensive in Rafah

N12: Abbas rejects Netanyahu's proposal for Rafah checkpoint control

The Palestinian leader responded that he was not willing to consider the initiative until a ceasefire was achieved.

Blinken-Gallant phone call: US opposes Rafah operation escalation

linken reiterated the administration's objection to the IDF carrying out a large-scale operation in Rafah.