Pro-Palestine advocate Yolanda Díaz resigns after election defeat

Yolanda Díaz announces her resignation as chair of the ultra-left movement "Sumar" after its poor performance in the European Parliament elections.

Palestinian Authority prime minister visits Spain after recognition of state

More than 140 countries recognize a Palestinian state, including Spain, Ireland, and Norway

Spain, Norway, and Ireland formally recognized Palestinian state

The decision triggered an angry response from Israel, which summoned the countries’ ambassadors in Tel Aviv to the Foreign Ministry

Spanish foreign minister condemns flamenco video posted by Israel Katz as 'scandalous' and 'disgusting'

The EU, like the United States, deems Hamas a terrorist organization

Ambassadors of Ireland, Norway, Spain view Hamas' hostage kidnapping recording

The ambassadors of Spain, Norway, and Ireland visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, May 23, at the request of Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

Ireland, Norway, Spain announce recognition of state of Palestine

On May 22, three EU states—Ireland, Spain, and Norway—announced their recognition of the State of Palestine.