Southern Israel under rocket fire

At 1:58 PM, southern Israel came under rocket fire again.

Northern Israel under rocket fire from Lebanon

At 9:28 AM, an alarm sounded in the villages of Shlomi and Betzet in Western Galilee near the Lebanon border.

Israeli authorities thwart weapon smuggling attempt at Eilat border

Israeli police, border guards, and the IDF intercepted 17 Glock 19 pistols being smuggled from Jordan.

Friendship Fund to purchase mobile bomb shelters for northern Israel

The Friendship Fund (Keren LeYedidut) will spend 2 million shekels to deploy 50 mobile bomb shelters in Kiryat Shmona and surrounding areas due to escalating tensions.

IDF completes successful anti-terror operation in Jenin

The IDF, Shin Bet, and MAGAV conducted a 13-hour anti-terror operation in Jenin, eliminating two militants and detaining several suspects for terrorist activities.

Massive Hezbollah attack on northern Israel

Around 2 PM, Hezbollah launched a significant missile and drone attack on northern Israel, targeting Katzrin and Safed.

Rocket sirens in Western Galilee, near Lebanon border

At 1:53-1:56 PM, alarms sounded in numerous Western Galilee villages near the Lebanon border.