Stormy Daniels testifies against Donald Trump in court

Daniels delved into specifics about their intimate encounter, despite the prosecutor's request for brevity.

Trump's misdemeanor trial postponed indefinitely

Following a raid on the Mar-a-Lago estate in August 2022, Trump was indicted in June 2023 on 38 counts.

Donald Trump compares Biden administration to Gestapo

Trump accused the Joe Biden administration, alleging its involvement in lawsuits against him.

Manhattan court fines Trump for social media posts

A Manhattan criminal court imposed a $9,000 fine on former US President Donald Trump for nine social media posts deemed to violate a gag order.

Donald Trump labels pro-Palestinian protestors as 'crazy Hamas fans'

During a campaign rally in Wisconsin, Trump praised the crackdown on an anti-Israel demonstration as "a beautiful sight."

WP: Trump allegedly plans to transfer Crimea and Donbas to Putin; Trump denies claims

According to the Washington Post, Trump is considering pressuring Ukraine to cede Crimea and Donbas to Russia.

NYT: Obama concerned about Biden's election fate and Trump's potential re-election

Obama regularly engages in phone conversations not only with Biden but also with White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients and other senior administration officials.